Lec 10- Wireless Security

Weak Encryption WEP

WEP is Wired Equivalent Privacy is wireless security standard providing security for data transmission using wireless signal.

WEP key can be cracked. Why, due to implementation flaw in standard, using IV initialization vector.

SSID Broadcast

Service Set Identifier is name of Wireless access point. SSID is broadcast by default which let hacker know presence of Wireless Access Point for hacking. Disabling SSID broadcast provide an additional layer of security.

MAC Filtering

MAC is media access control, 16 digit identifier of computer devices. MAC Filtering is an other security layer in which a database of whitelist MAC is maintained, allowed to connect to Wireless access point.

Rogue Access Points

Rogue Access Points are temporary malicious access points created by hacker on primises of target organization. Employees of target organization connect to Rogue Access Point, and attacker can hack systems of users connecting to Rogue Access Point.

War Driving,

War driving is process of discovering Wireless Access Points near by town, city for hacking.

Blue jacking

Bluejacking, is not hijacking of bluetooth connection. Bluejacking is spamming over blue tooth by sending unsolicited messages over bluetooth.


BlueSnarfing is sniffing over bluetooth connection.

Blue Snorting

Snort is open source Intrusion Detection System for networks. BlueSnorting is process of identifying attacks over bluetooth technology.

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