HTB Notes

1- Arctic

1- If metasploit module/exploit fails,Redirect exploits to burpsuite for debugging.

2- Use unicorn to encode meterpreter payload for powershell.

3- Powershell oneliner payload download and execute.

4- Migrate 32 bit meterpreter to 64bit

5- Use local exploit suggester for windows.

2- CronOS

0- sqlmap redirect to a new page during testing, check new page.

1- Reverse shell tab auto completion

stty raw -echo

2- forground and background a process in terminal

3- should be able to run clear command to clear screen, in nc reverse shell.

Need to modify TERM=XYZ

4- Linux privilege escalation script,,

5- /dev/shm/ is ram disk. If serve reboots, files delete automatically.

5- Laravel cron job executing as root.

How to name a tab in Kali Linux

Create a function in ~/.bashrc:

function set-title() {
if [[ -z “$ORIG” ]]; then
Then use your new command to set the terminal title. It works with spaces in the name too

set-title my new tab title