Organization Security

Site: is the place where data is backup-ed on drives for lateral use in case of disaster.

Cold Site: Process of bringing servers back in production take time due to lack of facilities like electricity, and network connectivity. But backup is there, that could be used to bring systems back.

Warm Site: is the one with basic facilities which are less than actual production environment. Like electricity, backup generator, network connectivity are there, but speed, volume of facilities slow, allowing only necessary operations.

Hot Site: is exact replica of production environment. Very less down time.

Redundancy Planning

Single point of failure

RAID, redundant array of inexpensive disks

Redundant servers, ISP


Backup generators

Spare Parts( like hard disk of server)


1- Non disaster

2- Disator

3- Catastrophic

Disaster Recovery Procedures



Backup and storage


Incident Response

  • Incident response defined
  • Forensics
  • Chain of Custody
  • First Response
  • Damage/Loss


Secure Disposal, paper shredder, hard drive shredder

AUP, acceptable use policy

Mandatory Vacations, force you to create rotation of duties

PII, personally identifiable information, should not go in wrong hands.

Due Care,

Due diligence, reasonable steps taken by person to avoid offense.

Due process,

SLA, Service Level Agreement, agreement between you and your company.

Social Engineering



Dumpster diving

End user awareness

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